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Eyebrow Hair Removal
Face mask
Red Nail Polish


Would you like to be able to provide your future clients with a wide range of profitable services? How about a side order of brow waxing with that pedicure? Or maybe even a mini facial paired with a set of new acrylics? Then the Esthetics/Nail program is for you. With a combination of skin and nail skills, you will be equipped to provide your future clients with more luxurious pampering. The more services you are able to provide, the more potential for profit.


The program is 900 hours. At Adorabella, we prepare our students for state board licensing with the highest standards. You will be graduating with a greater quality skill set than fellow graduates from other local programs. We work with our students one-on-one as well as in group settings to provide a more comprehensive education. We also cater to all different learning styles to ensure you feel confident with all of the material. Set yourself apart from the rest by being a dual-licensed professional. You will be a more valuable asset in the booming spa industry. Increase your earning potential and join our program today!

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