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Hair Stylist


The State of New Mexico requires 1000 hours in Instructor training and testing for graduation. The Cosmetology, Barber, Nail Technology, and Esthetics Instructor Programs consist of both advanced training and hands-on experience. Trainees work with the Director and with experienced educators who hold a variety of advanced certifications. Training includes the study of adult learning styles and education techniques, presentation skills, and classroom management. Upon satisfactory completion of the Instructor program, the graduate will receive a Diploma.


Instructor Program – Occupational Objectives:


  • Opportunities for the Instructor Trainee in the performance of daily duties.

  • To assist in skill demonstrations and supervise practice teaching.

  • To thoroughly study the principles of teaching.


To ensure continued career success, graduates will continue to learn new and current information related to techniques, trends, fashions, and methods for career development in cosmetology and related fields.

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