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Tina Tapia


IMs. Tina is the owner of Adorabella Beauty Academy, a woman owned / minority owned business.  She is also a practicing beautician and owns her own salon.  She is an experienced instructor, with hands-on and real world experiences in both cosmetology and nail technology.


“This academy has been a dream come true!  Without the help of countless people, I couldn’t have done it.  My goal is to help as many people achieve their dreams in barbering, cosmetology or nail technology through the best education and training possible, which I believe we offer at Adorabella Beauty Academy.”

Angel Romaniz
Barber Instructor

Mr. Angel comes to the Adorabella Beauty Academy as a talented barber and instructor.  His passion and dedication to barbering has led him to become a full time instructor in the barbering program at the Adorabella Beauty Academy, a position he loves. 


“I love coming to this school every morning and teaching and sharing with others who have the same passion as me.”

Doug Bolich

Administrative Officer/ Buisness Manager

Doug comes to the Adorabella Beauty Academy as the administrative officer and business manager.   Doug believes that his management and leadership styles motivate the people he works with and creates an enthusiasm that encourages others to become the best they can be.


“I am proud to be a member of the Adorabella Beauty Academy team.  I look forward to working with both students and staff to make the Adorabella Beauty Academy the best school in the state of New Mexico.”


Marcella Martinez
Cosmetology Instructor


Ms. Marcella is a licensed cosmetologist and instructor with a passion for helping future stylists excel in their careers. As a licensed curly specialist, she brings a unique perspective to the classroom, training students to work with all hair types. 

Naomi Coccimglio

Substitute Instructor

Terrie Doty
Nail Technology & Esthetics Instructor


Ms. Naomi is a licensed cosmetologist instructor, with well over 17 years of experience and is extremely well versed in the art of make-up.  She comes from Brooklyn, New York, where she trained and worked in the make-up industry.


“I am extremely passionate about make-up and cosmetology.  I want to promote excellence in the industry and teach my students a variety of techniques that will help them succeed in the world of make-up and cosmetology.”


Ms Terrie comes to Adorabella as her second career having spent the first one in the corporate world.  After attending and graduating from Adorabella Beauty Academy in both areas of study, she elected to stay on as the instructor for Nail Technology and Esthetics. Teaching this industry is her true passion.


"I believe every student has unlimited potential and it's my job to help them unleash it."

Rose Pham
Vietnamese Translator


Ms. Rose has been a great addition to the Adorabella family and has taught over a hundred students over the years. 

“I love seeing our students grow every day in this industry. Watching them start off as beginners and seeing them later becoming young entrepreneurs is the best reward a teacher can ask for.”

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