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The primary purpose of the Cosmetology program is to train future salon professionals in the fundamentals of cutting, styling, permanent waving, hair coloring, manicuring, skincare, and makeup. This course prepares graduates to pass the State Board exam, become licensed cosmetologists, and begin working in the Salon & Spa industry. Upon satisfactory completion of the Cosmetology program, the graduate will receive a Diploma.

Cosmetology Program – Occupational Objectives:

The State of New Mexico requires 1600 hours of Cosmetology training and testing for graduation. Upon completion of the course requirements, the determined graduate will be able to:


  • Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence.

  • Practice proper grooming and effective communication skills, and visual poise.

  • Understand employer-employee relationships and respect the need to deliver worthy service for the value received.

  • Perform basic manipulative skills, including hair styling, shaping, bleaching, tinting, chemical reformation, scalp/hair conditioning, facials, manicures, pedicures, and nail extensions.

  • Perform basic analytical skills to determine proper makeup, hairstyle, and color application for the client’s best overall look.

  • Apply the theory, technical information, and related matter to ensure sound judgments, decisions, and procedures.

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