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Hair Salon

Cosmetology encompasses beauty treatments and techniques such as hair styling, makeup application, skincare, and nail care.

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Barbering involves the specialized art of cutting and styling men's hair, including facial grooming and shaving techniques.


Nail technology encompasses the art of enhancing and maintaining clients' nails through the application of artificial nails and various nail care services.

Facial Treatment

Esthetics is the practice of enhancing and maintaining skin health and appearance through skincare treatments.

Smooth Skin

Comprehensive training in both esthetics and nail technology, providing students with skills in skincare treatments, nail enhancements, and various nail care services.

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Stay on top of beauty trends and techniques with our Crossover and Refresher courses for ongoing success in the industry.


An instructor course empowers beauty professionals to become effective educators, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to teach aspiring students.


We pride ourselves on offering classes in multiple languages to create an inclusive and diverse learning environment. We understand the importance of effective communication and strive to accommodate students from different linguistic backgrounds. That's why we provide classes in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, ensuring that language is not a barrier to pursuing your education and passion for the beauty industry. Experience a vibrant and diverse environment where language diversity enriches your educational journey in the beauty industry.

We offer full-time and part-time schedules to provide flexibility for your education. Whether you prefer a more immersive experience or need to balance your studies with other commitments, we have options to suit your needs. Additionally, we provide both day and night classes, allowing you to choose the schedule that aligns with your lifestyle.


At Adorabella we utilize the renowned online curriculum Milady® CIMA, designed to enhance your learning experience in class and when you're at homeCIMA offers a comprehensive platform that provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to pursue your education at your convenience. CIMA provides a user-friendly interface and interactive features that make the learning process engaging and interactive. You'll have access to a wealth of educational content, including videos, quizzes, and interactive exercises, enabling you to grasp concepts effectively and reinforce your knowledge.


  • Complete the application for enrollment, financial contract, and statistical information.

  • Bring in a copy of your high school education verification (Diploma, GED, High School Transcript, etc.) Must have at least a tenth-grade education.

  • Bring a copy of your age verification ( Drivers License, Birth Certificate)

  • Bring a copy of your Social Security Card

  • Pay a $175.00 registration fee

  • Bring a $25.00 money order or cashier's check payable to the NM State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists and complete the State Board registration form. Please, no personal checks or cash accepted

Hair Color Palette
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